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What’s in my bag?

People at Bethel dig through their backpacks to share what they carry with them on a day-to-day basis. 
Kathryn Kovalenko
Junior computer science and English student Josh Poppie zips open his Swiss Army backpack that’s been with him all throughout middle school and now stays with him at Bethel.

If you ever walk by the Monson Dining Center, chances are you’ll see a plethora of backpacks lining the walls, waiting for students to sling them over their shoulders after a meal. When you see your favorite professor in the hallway, they’ll likely have some sort of bag accompanying them. 

Students and faculty alike need something that carries the items that get them through their day — whether it be a briefcase or a classic backpack that has made it through middle and high school, they’re filled with necessities.

The inner discoveries of Jacobsen’s backpack. In need of a piece of gum? A charger to juice up your phone battery? Go find Jacobsen! (Kathryn Kovalenko)

Noelle Jacobsen

As Noelle Jacobsen makes her way across campus, her vibrant Cotopaxi backpack stands out like a beacon against the backdrop of the university grounds. Her backpack, a kaleidoscope of bright pink and blue hues, reveals her passion for eco-conscious living as a sophomore biology student. Inside, you can find the typical necessities that get any college student through their day — a pink and green Macbook that accompanies her in and outside of the classroom, a purple five-subject notebook stuffed with biology worksheets and mechanical pencils to draw terms. Between assigned readings from the Bethel bookstore and a tangle of chargers for her friends and herself, a lone tampon lingers among a green lab notebook that gets Jacobsen through her organic chemistry class, a variety of pastel-colored lip glosses and a coupon for a free drink from RG.

Professor Chris Moore 

Roll the dice and take your chances with Moore’s legendary quiz system — where every day is a surprise and every challenge is a chance to shine. Who knows what exciting activity awaits you next? (Kathryn Kovalenko)

Associate Professor of Political Science Chris Moore used to be known for his orange North Face backpack, which stood the test of time for 25 years. However, his wife surprised him with a new backpack for Christmas — not as orange as the last one, but it still does the job. It quickly became his go-to backpack for carrying his laptop to grade homework. Moore carries books that he enjoys reading in his spare time. In addition to essential teaching materials, Moore is always prepared with black pens, notebooks, chargers and high-powered batteries. To distinguish his backpack from the sea of black bags at Bethel when he sets it down to get a meal at the DC, he attached a quirky lightbulb figurine. To grade properly, Moore is always prepared with reading glasses, along with a set of dice that he uses to determine if students have a Monte Carlo quiz that day — an even number means yes, an odd number means no, with a “6” being a special quiz.

Josh Poppie 

Poppie’s plethora of items pulled out from his backpack includes a calculator, a cough drop and a cribbage board. (Kathryn Kovalenko)

Josh Poppie is a junior double majoring in computer science and English. He sits outdoors with his trusty Swiss Army backpack by his side — a loyal companion since middle school. As a student tackling calculus coursework, Poppie understands the struggles of lugging around countless papers filled with math problems. To combat this, he keeps only the current chapter’s materials in a single binder labeled “Calculus.” Equipped with a TI-84 Plus calculator for conquering mathematical problems, Poppie also carries the essentials — folders to keep his homework tidy, notebooks and notepads aiding his preference for handwritten notes. Poppie’s bag also holds books, a Bible for sacred time and an ASL book for his class. Reaching into his bag, Poppie has a black charging cord to ensure his devices stay charged throughout the day without making an inconvenient trip to his dorm in North Village. Poppie faithfully carries a book to journal his thoughts and prayers, feeding his soul. Amid crumpled papers full of calculus formulas lies a cribbage set to play with friends.

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