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Meet the staff

Editor-in-Chief: Makenzi Johnson, 20, is a junior journalism major with a Spanish minor. She enjoys reading on her Kindle, having spontaneous dance parties wherever and whenever and simultaneously hating on her home state of North Dakota while also defending it. 

[email protected] | 701-715-0999 

Managing Editor: Sarah Bakeman, 19, is a junior organizational communications major with a minor in journalism. She enjoys filling out crossword puzzles (only occasionally looking up the answers), playing piano at a third-grade level and explaining why George Harrison is the best Beatle.

[email protected] | 651-343-0797

Art Director: Davis McElmurry, 21, is a senior graphic design major and business minor.

[email protected] | 763-498-1266

Photo Director: Mild Du, 19, is a sophomore business and political science, and media production major. She enjoys anything that will invoke her competitive spirit and will talk your ear off about anything Marvel related (especially Chris Evans)

[email protected] | 507-350-2125

News Editor: Molly Wilson, 20, is a junior journalism and political science double major with a math minor who will happily bombard you with photos of her Apricot Standard Poodle Puppy. She also enjoys the shock on people’s faces when they find out she speaks fluent German, drinks almost exclusively plain sparkling water and owns 279 books and counting.

[email protected] | 763-242-6904

News Reporter: Molly McFadden, 19, is a sophomore communication arts and literature education major and journalism minor. She enjoys summer camp song and dance routines, potlucks and pretending to enjoy hiking.

[email protected] | 712-249-1031

Lifestyle Editor: Anna Pearson, 20, is a junior double major in psychology and journalism. She enjoys watching the juiciest reality TV shows, trying anything mango flavored (especially drinks) and coercing her friends into participating in the latest TikTok trends.

[email protected] | 763-999-1899

Lifestyle Reporter: Talia McWright, 20, is a junior journalism major with a minor in creative writing and studio art. She is known to be a chocoholic and makes a new Spotify playlist monthly.

[email protected] | 651-808-8315 

Sports Editor: Ella Roberts, 21, is a journalism and a relational communications major double major. She enjoys the true crime genre a little too much, all things outdoor and getting spontaneous tattoos and piercings. 

[email protected] | 763-360-8216

Section Designer: Elise Berry, 20, is a junior graphic design major with a minor in communications. You can usually find her watching The Office, spending time with friends, taking naps, or at sports games. 

[email protected] 613-300-7777 

Section Designer: Kyle Peterson, 20, is a sophomore graphic design major with an emphasis in marketing with a double major in studio art. Kyle loves being in the various Bethel studios, and is commonly found in the Dining center as well. He has an Instagram page where he posts his projects and enjoys showing people the things he makes.

[email protected] | 763-438-1239

Section Designer: Spencer Vang, 19, is a sophomore organizational communications major with an emphasis in strategic communication and a graphic design minor. He loves his drinks and you can probably find him at the nearest boba tea shop or in the Royal Grounds line waiting for a Strawberry Green Tea Lemonade.

[email protected] | 507-476-5400

Staff photographer: Ashlee Mortenson, 19, is a sophomore psychology and missional ministries double major. She enjoys spending time outdoors with friends, doing athletic things, playing card games, and laughing about anything and everything.

[email protected] | 612-940-8029

Business Director: Kindre Radloff, 21, is a senior Accounting and Finance student. She enjoys being outside, running a flower farm with her boyfriend,  or watching all of the crime documentaries on all of the streaming platforms. She also loves Harry Styles and will drop lots of money to go see him. 

[email protected] | 507-479-0484

Sales Director: Lily Yegge, 21, is a senior Organizational Communication student. She loves naps, her hometown of Boulder, Colorado, and spending quality time with her family and friends. 

[email protected] | 720-552-7136

Marketing Director: Grace Bonfig, 20, is a junior Business Marketing and Analytics major with a minor in Biology. When not working at the Campus Store or playing tennis as a BUILD mentor, she can be found spending time with her suitemates (and also likely eating snacks). If you can’t find Grace, she is probably outside doing photography and appreciating God’s creation.

[email protected] | 218-232-0437