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Monday Morning Coffee: Bordertown Coffee

Photo by Lexi Friesen
Photo by Lexi Friesen

Because everyone needs at least one cup of coffee on a Monday!

Lexi Friesen | Social Media Editor

Coffee Shop: Bordertown Coffee

Prices: What we ordered to drink …

Chai Tea Latte — $3.23

Iced White Chocolate Mocha — $3.77

Atmosphere: Bordertown was originally a frat house on campus at the University of Minnesota. The good news is that now they have good coffee, a comfortable home-like feel and soft mood lighting.

Seating: There is quite a bit of seating; not only are their tables to sit at, but there are several couches, chairs, and nooks in the walls with pillows.They also have “The Library Room,” which can be reserved for a group of 4 or more people.

Music: Hipster. So hipster in fact that I didn’t even recognize it. I did enjoy though and it wasn’t blasting in my ear. I think I could become a fan girl of whatever was playing.

Store Hours:

Monday–Thursday: 7AM-10PM

Fridays 7AM-8PM

*Closed on Weekends and on Holidays

*Hours change in the summer

Location: Bordertown is 16 minutes away from Bethel and the drive is an easy trip on 35W South. Freshmen, maybe your RA’s will be willing to bring you here!

Parking: The parking lot is small, uphill and angled. I recommend only professional drivers enter, but good luck finding any parking along the street!

Overall experience: Senior, frien

d and roommate, Nikki Betzler ventured out with me to visit Bordertown where she ordered an Iced White Mocha. On scale of one to 10 (compared to Royal Grounds Iced White Mocha which she rated a 5), Bordertown got a 6.5 ranking for their mochas. I ordered a Chai Tea Latte, which I would give a 7 (I personally give Royal Grounds a 5 for their Chai Tea Lattes).

It isn’t the place you would want to drown yourself in tears and homework. I would do some leisurely writing and read a book though. This is a place where I would find inspiration for my blog and reconnect with old friends. Nikki and I both agree we would come back here again.

A fun fact about Bordertown is that they are a non-profit organization. They have helped other organizations such as the Red Cross, World Vision and they work to raise awareness of human trafficking.

Photo by Lexi Friesen
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