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Graduate advice


The Clarion reached out to some recent graduates of Bethel University to see what wisdom and advice their time in the world outside the Bethel bubble has given them. Here’s what they said.



Do not pray for an easy life, pray for strength to get through a tough one. For strength builds character, and character is admirable.  Tim Hunt, ’16, Minneapolis

Enjoy spending time with people who invest in you as you invest in them. Emily Boole, ’16, Minneapolis

ALWAYS go for that second cinnamon roll at late night DC. #noregrets Meredith Weincouff, ’17, Roseville

Don’t underestimate or overlook job opportunities that may be unconventional for your people with your major! I was a psychology major (originally thinking about being a counselor), but I took a job as an elementary school teacher, and I feel like it’s the perfect fit for now. Be optimistic as you think about where you want to be post-Bethel, and remember that life is flexible! Hannah Penz, ’17, St. Paul

Try different things, experience change, embrace growth in all that it is. You’re only in college once! Kaitlyn Lunacek, ’17, Rogers

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Embrace the mystery and ambiguity which does not come from easy answers. Stay curious, always look to improve the way things are, and challenge structures and ideas that oppress and discriminate. In doing these things, you will find freedom for both yourself and others. Janna Burger, ’17, Denver, Colorado

When it’s midnight and you’re tired and hungry and sick of studying … go for a walk. Sarah Wallace, ’17, South Minneapolis

More people are frustrated with the status quo than you think; it’s just that nobody wants to speak up. Sometimes you have to be a rebel and an outcast for good to be done. Honesty is not only to refrain from lying; to be honest, you have to tell the truth. Chris B., ’17, Bronx, New York

Find ways to get out of your comfort zone and make friends who think differently from you. Use this time to find out what you like and who you are; don’t be afraid to be different! Marisa Tillman, ’16, Baltimore, Maryland

The Bethel bubble is like grandma’s house! Unfortunately the real world isn’t. Make sure you’ve exposed yourself to culture, hard conversation and political engagement before you leave! Zak Robinson, ’16, New York, New York

Transition is hard: it’s exhausting and emotional. Choices become less about right or wrong and more about either/or. Discover what God has for you in this moment of time. And if that requires living with a host family and biking to an average job, so be it. Every piece is a stepping stone on this amazing journey to who God has called you to be. Emma Martin, ’17, Brooklyn Park

Own your God-given gifts, talents and abilities; be proud of them and also be quick to affirm others and their gifts, talents and abilities. We need more people who know their strengths, live into their strengths and encourage others to do the same. Taji Onesirosan, ’17, Rosemount

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