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We won’t be the same

Josh Eller

From India to Arden Hills, seven members of the Bethel extended community share how the pandemic has impacted employment, education and family.

By The Clarion Staff

If anyone was to walk into the Brushaber Commons during the last three months, they would hear silence. Nobody would laugh about procrastination or yell out a Royal Grounds order or discuss theology.

Even outside the Bethel campus, members of the university’s extended community have been uprooted by COVID-19. Students were forced to switch to online education, employees had to work from home and grandfathers couldn’t hold their grandsons.

The Clarion staff profiled seven members of the Bethel community from across the world to show the widespread and diverse impacts of the pandemic. Because no matter the situation, we won’t be the same.


“Our better days are ahead” 

Bethel University president elect Ross Allen reflects on his first semester at Bethel, COVID-19 and plans moving forward.

“How lucky am I to be healthy and alive right now?”

In the transition from studying abroad to her home in Brisbane, Australia, Sally Boden has a new perspective on business as usual.

“There was no more excuse”

One of the few students left on campus, across the world from his family, Zach Tebow has had no problems keeping himself occupied.

“People want to do good”

Seattle Times reporter Paige Cornwell reflects on covering the early stages if COVID-19 as well as how the pandemic has shifted the lives of thousands of journalists.

“Let’s spend some time”

Aastha Gill, a graduate student from India, reflects on the benefits the lockdown brings: time to spend with her parents, exercise more and practice her vocals.

“You can get a hold of me whenever”

Bethel adjunct professor Dan Rotach used to spend almost every weekend building LEGOs with his grandson. Although the pandemic changed that routine, the two still stay connected.

“Everyone has something they want to change”

2020 Bethel graduate Justine Jaenisch uses her free time to grocery shop for elderly residents of her home town who are at high risk of COVID-19 effects.


Reporting by Molly Korzenowski, Jaimee Hood, Josh Towner, Emma Harville, Jasmine Johnson, Zach Walker and Emily Rossing. Video by Ally O’Neil. GIF by Josh Eller.

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  • R

    Rich Sherry, Executive Assistant to the President Emeritus (and friend of Jay)May 27, 2020 at 9:35 am

    Clarion folks, your headline, ““Our better days are ahead” is disappointing. The way you’ve framed it, you obscure the fact that Ross Allen is quoting Jay Barnes. What you make it look like is that President-elect Allen is saying, “I’ll give you better days than you had with Jay.” I think you’d agree that that’s not what he meant, or indeed, what he said.