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We walked so iPad kids could run

Growing up in the prime of the emergence of the digital age, Gen-Z had a collective, favorite pastime: YouTube.

Picture this: It’s 3:30 p.m. and you’re sitting on a musty, bumpy school bus full of screaming kids after a long eight hours filled with running the FitnessGram PACER test and learning mx+b equals the slope of the line. Your best friend asked you to keep her Snapchat streaks while she’s on vacation, you noticed your first pimple in the mirror and someone else has the same rainbow-checkered Vans as you. 

Sixth grade is tough. 

But as the school bus pulls up to your stop, you remember that you have two hours until your parents get home from work. 

Two hours of being home with no supervision.

So you power up the family desktop, grab a snack and turn on YouTube. 

A new RomanAtwood vlog is uploaded – making his entire house into a ball pit? Epic bruh moment.

Drake’s Hotline Bling is still trending. Lit. 

And Bethany Mota just posted a new morning routine video. Literal goals. 

Life is good. 

We all spent countless hours on YouTube. But what we watched differs for each individual.

Can you guess what branch of YouTube these Bethel students spent most of their time watching? 

This person spent their time on YouTube (the one app they were allowed to have) watching Markiplier – specifically his reaction and “Try Not to Laugh” videos, using the comedic videos for comfort. Answer: Selah Kirk 

While scrolling through their old YouTube watch history, this person recalls most of their time watching Madden videos, specifically YoBoy PIZZA videos and Minecraft YouTubers like DanTDM (who they still follow on Instagram), particularly enjoying the pug cameos. Eventually this student dabbled in watching PopularMMOs and toy unboxing YouTubers like EvanTubeHD. Answer: Aiden Penner 

This person’s middle school YouTube watch history consists of AlishaMarie, Niki & Gabi, Bethany Mota and LaurDIY. Living in the heart of Los Angeles, the yearly ski trips to Big Bear Mountain Resort and the 12 Bath & Body Works candles purchased for the annual Black Friday Haul were “religiously” viewed. Answer: Jillian Edblad 

This person regularly watched vloggers such as Liza Koshy, David Dobrik, The LaBrant Fam and Sofie Dossi, intrigued at what their day-to-day life looked like. Sofie Dossi’s “I DON’T HAVE A SPINE!?!?” video, where she stretched her body in dramatic ways, and The LaBrant Fam’s focus on their dancing daughter are core memories. Answer: Malachi Henderson 

This person didn’t spend a lot of their time on YouTube watching specific YouTubers, but enjoyed watching a series of compilation videos such as “top 10 worst sports injuries,” “worst car crashes of all time” and occasionally WatchMojo countdown videos. This person also vividly remembers getting into the shampoo prank video trend. Answer: Sam Clapp

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