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BSG budget, third cultures kids club and various proposals

The student council met March 25, here is what you need to know.

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  • BSG approves budget for next year 
  • BSG approves TCK club
  • Additional student theater funding proposed
  • Adding intramural sports to the guiding documents proposed 
  • Changing the role of parliamentarian proposed 
  • Underground director title amendment proposed 
  • Removal of Executive Assistant of United Cultures of Bethel proposed

BSG Budget 

Student Council passed the new budget for this semester with five members voting yes and one member abstaining. Due to higher-than-projected enrollment numbers, leading to more Student Activity Fee funds, each department received at least a 10% increase in funding. Much of the discussion centered  around how to allocate the 10% increase. At-large representative Greta McArthur proposed putting the money into the Obligatory Fund for use on a needs basis with the idea of potentially vetoing the proposal in order to discuss how to allocate the money being brought up. The council ended up approving the proposal to get the funding to the departments for use  on upcoming events.

Third Culture Kids club

The student council voted unanimously to approve TCK club, giving them official BSG club status. TCK club provides a place for third culture kids, missionary kids or anyone looking to integrate a second culture into their lives a safe space to connect. Achieving official BSG status allows the TCK club more access to materials, promotion and funding for enhancements to the club — along with the hope that official BSG club status further legitimizes the club and attracts new members. 

Additional student theater ticket funding 

BSG Financial Officer Nolan Klumpke brought forth proposal 1.18, which allows for the allocation of $500 from the Bethel Student Government Obligatory Fund to the Department of Music and Theatre for the cost of spring student tickets. The additional $500 allows for the theater department to give out 100 complimentary tickets to students for the spring play. 

Adding intramural sports to guiding documents

Student Council discussed proposal 1.19, which reflected this semester’s change of adding intramural sports into the BSG Operations Manual and BSG Constitution. The proposal moves Bethel intramural sports from the Department of Athletics to BSG, meaning that the Executive Director of Clubs and Organizations will now oversee intramural sports as well. 

Changing the role of Parliamentarian 

BSG looks to change the role of Parliamentarian for Student Council in the BSG guiding documents. Currently, the role is filled by the Executive Director of Marketing and Communications. Under proposal 1.20, the Student Body Vice President will serve as the Parliamentarian. 

Underground director title amendment 

Student Council discussed proposal 1.21, under which the title of Director of the Underground is changed from “Director of Underground Food Services” to “Director of Underground Events.” The proposal seeks to make the title of the role more accurate to the responsibilities and role of the position. 

Removal of Executive Assistant of United Cultures of Bethel

Student Council discussed proposal 1.22, which removes the office of Executive Assistant of UCB. UCB has deemed the position unnecessary and seeks to reallocate the funds to wherever they are needed.

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